About. What 'The Company Of Food' can do for you

We Aim:

We aim to take the best Irish Food SME’s to the next stage of growth through overcoming key barriers to growth & up-weighted strategic and tactical capabilities.

We Provide:

We provide funding, mentoring, expertise, access to markets, brand & product development, project management in a supportive environment.
We utilise the best available food industry expertise & connections

We Invest:

We will invest in a small number high growth potential food businesses, seek to identify the most significant barriers to growth & provide solutions


What We Do:


  • New injection of equity or loan notes to strengthen balance sheet.
  • Strategic Resource – access to the Board of Advisors, strategic planning sessions, mentoring & non executive directors.
  • Audit of appropriate business processes (e.g. branding, financial, insurance, supply chain etc) & development of specific performance development plans.
  • Customer introductions/access, use of advisory board contacts.
  • Support for additional funding & agency support (debt, grant aid)
  • Business and brand planning support
  • Product developing and sourcing, project management expertise.
  • Co-opetition Forum, interaction with other invested high growth businesses to identify areas for collaboration