CSR. Our Corporate Social Responsibility

The Company of Food is committed to investing resources, skills & connections in initiatives that address local & global hunger/poverty issues through innovative business solutions.

We are supporting a number of national and international organisations including:



Supporting food related initiatives of the Soul of Haiti Foundation – www.soulofhaiti.ie

The Soul of Haiti Foundation’s mission is to empower Haitian communities to create success through relationships with a community of Irish entrepreneurs. The Foundation’s over-arching objective is to make a meaningful impact on the lives of the people of Haiti. Since its establishment 2007, the Foundation and its members have been working to create new businesses and a better future for the people of Haiti. Following the devastating earthquake on 12th January 2010 the challenge has become even greater. The Soul of Haiti Foundation is committed to leveraging entrepreneurial/business skills and an ability to organise to help the social and economic circumstances in Haiti. The Soul of Haiti Foundation illustrates the power of engagement of the Private Sector in development, how a business approach can be applied to project management and the sustainable benefits of economic development as a means of alleviating poverty and creating sustainable livelihoods.

The Company of Food is involved in supporting small bakeries in the slum area of St Martin in Port au Prince. St Martin has approximately 80,000 inhabitants with roughly 90% unemployment. The Company of Food, through the Soul of Haiti Foundation, is working to improve baking methods and bakery conditions.  It provides funding for these bakers to purchase new equipment and mentorship and advice on business development so that the local entrepreneurs can scale their businesses and in turn create employment in the area.



traidlinks-thumbnail95Engaging food businesses in supply chain solutions in Uganda (Traidlinks) –  www.traidlinks.ie

Traidlinks is an Irish not-for-profit company and registered charity in Ireland. Their vision is to diminish poverty in developing countries by inspiring, supporting and promoting enterprise and contributing sustainably and equitably to local and world trade. With its origins in the Irish government-led Private Sector Forum of 2004, it aims to strengthen Irish-Ugandan partnerships in business and trade development. Traidlinks has been established in Uganda since 2008 and help Ugandan companies to access new markets in the EAC through their MarketLinked programme. They also provide business development support to improve companies competitiveness through mentorship programme including support to improve quality / standards, develop new areas for businesses and improve capacity in areas like financial management and marketing.


simon-thumbnail95The Food for Simon programme
– www.simon.ie

Food for Simon is an initiative which encourages the food industry to supply products to Dublin Simon Community on a pro bono basis. Essentially it is a stock management system which has enabled Dublin Simon to establish a basic ordering and stock control method. This has the effect of giving Dublin Simon guaranteed volumes as and when they need them while also making it easier for companies to donate. This structure means that supporting companies incur the costs of the products supplied and in doing so significantly reduce the costs to the Dublin Simon in purchasing food. The annual savings goal for Dublin Simon is approximately €250,000. The Food For Simon initiative has recently expanded its reach to include the Cork Simon Community which will dramatically reduce food costs to the Cork based charity.